I have a file that was created in PDM on the AS and assimilated into SYNON. I have added some more fields to the file in PDM and compiled the file, but. Automated solution for impact analysis, graphical documentation and business rules extraction for your CA 2E (Synon) IBM i applications. This guide provides an illustrated overview of the options, technologies and processes available for reengineering Synon/2E applications into a modern.

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SPN will have at least 2 formats. Files, Fields, Relations etc.

SYNON Introduction

There is a data area in which this information is kept. Start a thread and discuss today’s shnon with top experts. Software companies of the United Kingdom Companies established in Companies disestablished in It does this visually and interactively using entity relationship diagrams, screen flows, UI designs, metrics, complexities, data flows, impact analysis, business rules and much more.

National Language Support Development: It will have Key field relations, non key field relations and virtual field relations.

AS Visual Guide to 2E/Synon Reengineering

Such tools use abstract patterns as building blocks to automatically generate the components of an application. It has to have a key. Worktoplay 35 points Badges: Actually, I know to search all function which are calling print file by the option 91 or take U at subfile selector or 95 at object usage screen but that approach can only work to identify internal This article does not cite any sources.


Larsholmberg 5 points Badges: Mouse over each client name to see a case study showing how the client used one or more of our X-Analysis solutions. Moongirl 5 points Badges: Lock is cleared by the system when object is no longer in use. English, French and Japanese User: Many IS groups are attempting to involve the end user to enhance the fit of applications to the business needs synom drive them. It stays in effect even if the object and model are not used.

Complete extraction of CA 2E Model: Other product and company names herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Synon also established a worldwide distribution channel with subsidiaries in France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. A highly structured repository of business rules written in easily readable pseudo code provides a basis for all ongoing activity: Some of our X-Analysis clients Mouse over each client name to see a case study showing how the client used one or more of our X-Analysis solutions.

BibinG 20 points Badges: They must respond to rapidly changing business environments in a climate of ever-tightening budgets. Information Systems IS professionals currently face a number of challenges.


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Please try again later. Its products continue to be widely used in that sector today, distributed and supported by CA Inc. X-2E Analysis key features: Programs are constructed using building blocks of functionality.

This lock now prevents from accessing the object. These programs are generated in the language depending on the model setting i. J for batch generation. Complete metrics analysis, including Problem Analysis for design oddities, screen and program complexity, problem analysis, etc. There are no errors but the fields do not show up.

This is equivalent to the production of 1, lines of fully tested and documented code per person per day. Other access paths will have only one format.

Can and how do you recreate the action diagram from source? Understand code quality Complexity metrics enable managers of CA 2E applications to measure, monitor and proactively manage complexity and changes to ad400 applications, leading to less testing and faster development. Powerful impact analysis lets you see every place where an object is used.