I’m not a Tamizhan but i was fortunate to read (a version) of the Epic, from that experience i don’t subscribe to Marxist maxim – figment of imagination attached to . Kannagi Wikipedia. Kannagi is a legendary. Tamil woman who forms the central character of the Tamil epic. Silapathikaram 1. Ensoft Group Technical.

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Silappatikaram – Wikipedia

These folk songs were described in the following sections: Silapathikaarm one can find literary classifications such as paalai desert to silapathikarma Kannagi’s state of mind, this is really a drama, one that can find its place amongst the finest in the world… Ilango Adigal displayed the most subtle understanding of human nature and reactions through the epic.

But the queen taamil Nedunjeliyan, king of the Pandyas, had just been robbed of a similar anklet by a wicked court jeweller. In spite of his views on unchaste women, iLangO atikaL took a more pragmatic and a reformatory attitude in casting MAdhavi as one of the 3 main characters in SilappathikAram.

The 12 kOvais, made up of the 5 in mullait thImpANi and 7 represented by the first 7 long vowels: One example of his disparaging remarks is given below:.

Swaminatha Iyer CE resurrected the first three epics from appalling neglect and wanton destruction of centuries. It makes one of the great classics of Indian literature truly accessible in English. P L Palaniappan “The epic’s sense of timeless identification lies in the fact that this is a story of ordinary people, although linked to the lot of kings.


Parthasarathy states “The Cilappatikaram is to Tamil what the Iliad and Odyssey are to Greek—its importance would be difficult to overstate One example of his disparaging remarks is given below: In order to sell the anklets KOvalan went to a local goldsmith who had already stolen the Queen’s anklets.

Kovalan left Kannagi and settled at Madhavi’s house. He described it as, “a fine, luminous translation of an Indian classic.

The story relates how Kannagi took revenge on the Pandyan Silapatgikaram of Maduraiwho had wrongfully put her husband Kovalan to death. The movie Poompuharpenned by M. She was deified, temples were raised and festivals held in her honour, and she became the patron goddess of wifely loyalty and chastity.

Silapathigaaram tells siilapathikaram story of her revenge and is written by Ilango Adigal. Sethu Pillai gave him the title ‘Silambu Selvar’, acknowledging the tremendous knowledge he had on this topic. KaNNaki got infuriated at the news of her husband’s death and openly challenged the King’s judgement. Basham writing in ‘ The Wonder that was India”‘ comments that Cilapathikaram has ” a grim force and splendour unparalled elsewhere in Indian literature – it is imbued with both the ferocity of the early Tamils and their stern respect for justice, and incidentally, it throws light on twmil Tamil political ideas.

Kovalan hoped to recoup his fortunes by trade in Maduraiby selling the precious anklet of Kannagi.


Is there a god? One silappathikaram day Madhavi unknowingly utters a line of knowledge within the song she was singing and Kovalan finds his error of leaving his wife.


Silapathiaram History of Indian literature Vol. The Queen also died later. Realizing the fault, the king committed suicide in shame, after having delivered such a huge miscarriage of justice.

It also mentions the Ilankai king Gajabahu and the Chera Senguttuvan. Apart from the story, it has great cultural value for its wealth of information on music and dance, both classical and folk.

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University of CalcuttaCalcutta review, VolumeLondon: Already suffering from an inferiority complex of MAdhavi’s public adoration, KOvalan misunderstood the deep emotion expressed in her silapathikaaram for her love towards someone else and left the shore abruptly without MAdhavi. Modern scholars with a better understanding and training in fine arts would certainly find more revealing information in these Thamizh texts about many other facets of Thamizh literature and culture.

The alternative for this meter is called aicirucappu verse of teachers associated with verse composed in learned circles. Whose daughter is she? In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Finally the author has spread out his play so that it took place in all the three Thamizh Kingdoms.