Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth- century life. Perhaps the best written account of a soldier’s adventures and. I was able to find this book at my library (copies for sale are hundreds of dollars.) It’s the primary source for much of what McCarthy wrote. 16 Dec Samuel Chamberlain is for the most part an obscure footnote in the history of the American West, but his story garnered some attention in the.

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He and his wife, Mary, had three children.

Spoilers for this book and Blood Meridian follow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many people have taken issue with the fact that other historic records conflict with Samuel Chamberlain’s purported memoir.

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His memoir, with his own sketches for illustration, covers the period of samjel ramblings from and More photos upon request.

They had surrounded him armed only with clubs; he had “brained” one using his rifle as a club, but a dozen had cornered him. Abrasion to corner of front endpaper, where a price or name has been erased. I got some odd looks that month and my arm still hurts from lugging it around.

It attempts the episodic grandeur of Homer, the down-home wit of Twain and, with the aid of perhaps a dozen or more “senoritas,” a flavor of Don Juan.

His desires was blood and women, and terrible stories were circulated in camp of horrid crimes committed by him when bearing another name, in the Cherokee nation and Texas; and before we left Frontreras a little girl of ten years was found chamberlaih the chapperal, foully violated and murdered. Want to Read saving…. Blood Meridian is a bleak and violent fictional account of the historical Glanton gang, a band of scalphunters hired by the Mexican government to kill Comanche warriors.

Tag: My Confession: The Recollections of a Rogue

Patrick Michael rated it really liked it Aug 27, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Chamberlain Rescues Holden from the Yumas On the day that they were to escape, the Yumas attacked- Glanton had been killed- and Chamberlain and his companions set out over the miles of desert toward California.


Women, vying in the extremities of beauty, fling themselves before him and, although he seldom denies them the rapture they seek, his principles are inflexible. Recollections of a Rogue by Samuel E. Certainly on this but also on other occasions of abuse and assault, Sam’s willpower borders on the superhuman. As always in this narrative, the women take Samuel’s side – but he is forced to leave, and after chamberlakn few more adventures he joins the First Dragoons, and is marching off to Mexico.

No trivia or quizzes yet. They encountered an Apache war party which began to charge; according to Chamberlain he “drew a bead on a big chap and fired. There he fell in love with an orphan girl confssion was prepared to marry her.

Given that he lived a relatively long life and never picked the task back up, I could also easily be persuaded that he abandoned the project out of disaffection. The scalphunting section was near the end and fairly short, if I remember rightly.

Glanton and the other settlers pursued and slaughtered the natives, but during the battle the women were tomahawked and scalped. Samuel Chamberlain was a well respected person in Boston Massachusetts, a well regarded officer of the Union forces in the Civil War, married for over 50 years, who enjoyed a relaxing retirement in his large house in Worcester.

Second in command to Glanton was a Texan- Judge Holden. The manuscript was “in the possession of his family until the ‘s when it turned up in an antique shop in Connecticut.

Holden steals the show both here and in Blood Meridian.

Who has read Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession? : cormacmccarthy

See 1 question about My Confession…. Personal samel of this book, and consummation of the sale transaction, will be performed at BookRanger’s facility in Monroe, GA, or another location mutually-agreeable to buyer and seller.

Indeed it surely is, or at least the last several chapters are. Jun 19, Al rated it really liked it. Mercifully one night a mysterious lone rider, who has been following the train, cuts him down; a fellow known as Crying Tom Hitchcock, a truly intriguing character who speaks a mishmash of languages, mimics an array of animal calls and, as his nickname implies, frequently cries copious and unexplained tears. Never one to take a backward step, Samuel is forced to leave after a run-in with his Uncle and Cousin with an axe.


I also see “Ben Tobin”, which is fun. As a result of the fight though, an additional four scalpers were deemed too badly injured to continue. Submit a new link. Nevertheless, the back half of the book, after Chamberlain joins the Glanton Gang, is a fascinating and terrifying account. cha,berlain

My Confession: Recollections of a Rogue

The governments of several north Mexican states offered bounties for Apache warriors, which eventually convession payment for any scalps that could plausibly be passed off as Apache. In between these bookend events, he bummed around Illinois and New Orleans, eventually joined the First United States Dragoons and fought in a number of battles and skirmishes of the Mexican-American War, philandering samueo as many ladies as possible all along the way.

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It is possible Chamberlain was called away from the task of writing his narrative by the Civil War. Bright, clean, and crisp copy in Near Fine condition. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Urrea- the man who would eventually employ Glanton as a scalp hunter. Who or what he was no one knew but a cooler blooded villain never went unhung; he stood six feet six in his moccasins, had a large fleshy frame, a dull tallow colored face destitute of hair and all expression.

Urrea- the man who would eventually employ Glanton as a scalp hunter. Recollections of a Rogue is a narrative written by Chamberlain just before the outbreak of the Civil War, in which he recounts his earlier adventures with some dash and bravado, in the melodramatic style of novels of the time.