Fundamental symbols: the universal language of sacred science. Front Cover. René Guénon. Quinta Essentia, QR code for Fundamental symbols. Symbols of Sacred Science. René Guénon. Hillsdale, NY: Sophia Perennis, . pages. Paperback. ISBN: Price: $ US. Buy now on. Rene Guenon – Fundamental Symbols the Universal Language of Sacred Science – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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Symbols of Sacred Science by Rene Guenon (Paperback, ) | eBay

Similarly, facts of the same kind must have been produced in the case of other scripts in more or less distant times, sacrer for the Sanskrit alphabet and, in some measure, for Chinese ideograms. The truth is that it was not always felt desirable to declare expressly that something else was involved, something which, on the contrary, it was precisely the function of the symbolism to veil; and if subsequently there were those who did declare it, this was above all in view of degeneration traceable to the fact that there swcred then men who, ignorant of the value of symbols, understood everything literally and in an exclusively material sense.

In the Middle Ages, especially, examples of this kind abound, even if it be only with Dante and the Fedeli d’Amore. To sum up, the Centre is both the principle and the end of all things; it is, according to a well known symbolism, the alpha and the omega.

As to the nature of this bird, there are two hypotheses: Sciencr the ternary division of the elements of the being, the individual as such is composed of soul and body, while the Spirit without which it could not exist in any manner is transcendent in relation to it.

Visit eBay’s page on international selling. The truth is that wherever something genuinely traditional is concerned, everything must already be there from the very beginning; the later developments only serve to make it more explicit, without adding new elements from some other source.

The psychoanalytical interpretation of traditional symbols aims in reality 4. Perspectives on Initiation Rene Guenon. It is quite impossible to fix any origin in time whatsoever for the use of this figuration, for it is often to be found on prehistoric objects. No doubt we must see in it one of those signs which are linked directly to the Primordial Tradition.


IO The sphere, which represents the development of possibilities by the expansion of the primordial point, is transformed into a cube when this development is completed and when the final equilibrium is attained by the cycle in question. These lines are tangents to the circumference, which mark the directions of move- ment at the corresponding points.

Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout. The Sword of Islam Sayf al-lslam The figure had been previously reproduced by L. The Black Heads 80 See our article in Le Voile d’Isis.

In the figure of the chrismon or labarum from the Merovingian age. This is why we can say, as we often have, that for us pure intellectuality and spirituality are ultimately synonymous.

Symbols Of Sacred Science

To bring these notes to a close, we will mention several symbols which, in different traditions, are sometimes substituted for that of the cup and which are ultimately identical with it. The Cretan labyrinth was the palace of Minos, a name identical with Manu. The Heart and the World Egg. The very etymology of Jerusalem indicates clearly enough that it is only a visible image of the mysterious Salem of Melchi- zedek. All cyclic movement is, strictly speaking, indefinite, so the limit cannot be reached successively and analytically by running through all the points that correspond to each moment of the development of manifestation.

Equilibrium itself moreover is nothing other than the reflection in the manifested order of the absolute immutability of the Principle.

On the other hand, one can understand, from what is said here, the reason why following the labyrinth traced on the pavement of certain churches in the Middle Ages was regarded as replacing the pilgrimage to the Holy Land for those unable to accom- plish this journey. Besides his contact with Hinduism, Guenon had direct access to Islamic esoterism and also certain connections with Taoism.

Be the first to write a review. The symbolism which relates to the Pole, and which sometimes takes on very complex forms, is thus to be found in all traditions and may even be said to hold in them a place of considerable importance. The Idea of the Centre in the Traditions of Antiquity 45 We will not insist on this further, however, pre- ferring to leave to others the task of examining this question more closely, the interest of which is after all more historical than doctrinal.

Everything that exists, whatever its mode, having its principle in the Divine Intellect, translates or represents this principle in its own way and according to its own order of existence; and thus, from one order to another, all things are linked and correspond with each other so that they cooperate towards the universal and total harmony, which is like a reflection of the divine Unity itself.


For in truth, language is a faithful representation of states of mind, and such expressions are incompati- ble with the true sense of religion.

Symbols of Sacred Science

Does this not show sufficiently well that symobls Grail or that which is thus represented already had, prior to Christianity and even from all time, the closest of connections with the Divine Heart and with Emmanuel, 3 that is, with the manifestation of the Eternal Word in the bosom of terrestrial humanity, a manifestation which might be virtual or real, according to the times, but which was always present? The circumference can only turn around a fixed centre; likewise, change, which does not suffice unto itself, necessarily supposes a principle which is outside change.

The Solstitial Symbolism of Janus. We have spoken of this in L’Esoterisme de Dante, ch. The Roots of Plants. Black Stone and Sciende Stone Would this not be better than making the most unjustified concessions sacrrd the modern mind, such as are to be found, for example, in so many apologetical works that strive to reconcile dogma with all that is most hypothetical and least well founded in current science, an effort that has to be repeated all over again whenever these so-called scientific theories are replaced by others?

That science was something quite different from a mere divinatory art, even though it was evidently susceptible of applications of this kind, but in an altogether secondary and ‘accidental’ way. Terms and conditions apply. It is not the assimilations of Boumouf 5 or others which are to be rejected here, but rather the naturalistic interpretations which they have sought to impose on Christianity as on everything else and which, in reality, are nowhere valid.

Those who have been closest to the truth are they who have considered the swastika as a symbol of movement, but this interpret- ation is still insufficient, for it is not a question of just any movement, but of a rotation around a centre or an immutable axis; and it is precisely the fixed point that is the essential element to which the symbol in question directly relates.