22 Jul Sorry for bringing this up, but I’m using QT and it doesn’t let me use that function, even though it’s still present in the documentation. 26 Jan The table is not automatically split and the next page is not generated. Here is the code: void MainWindow::generatePdf() { QPrinter printer;. setPaperSize relies on information received from the printer driver, so to be really printer independant, calculare pageRects yourself. See the.

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You have chosen to paint the QTextDocument directly.

PaperSource enum or a driver spesific value. This qprinter interacts with Qprinter QApplication app argc, argv qprnter. Member Type Documentation enum QPrinter:: See also printerSelectionOption and qprinter. B7 21 88 x mm QPrinter:: In this case, the origin of qprinter QPrinter ‘s coordinate system coincides with the top-left corner of the printable area.

Since QPrinter can print to qprinter QPrintEngine subclass, it is possible to extend printing qprinter to cover new types of printing subsystem by subclassing QPrintEngine and reimplementing its interface. FirstPageFirst 0 the lowest-numbered page should be qprintet first. QPrinter does not check that the paper source is available; it just uses this information to try and set the paper source. Qprinter rendering text on a QPrinter device, it is important to realize that the size of text, when specified in points, is independent of the resolution specified for the device itself.


If the qprinter name has qprinter suffix other than “. Qprinter is useful only if the print command has been explicitly set. When printing directly to a printer on Windows or macOSQPrinter uses the built-in printer drivers.

Qprinter also fromPage and toPage. To detect other failures check the output of QPainter:: This function is not portable so you may qprinter to use paperSize instead.

QPrinter Class | Qt Print Support

If fp is true, enables support for qprinter over the entire page; otherwise restricts painting to the printable area reported by qprinter device.

DuplexAuto 1 The printer’s default setting is used to determine whether duplex printing is used. Similar Threads print qprinter pages By beirrascan in forum Newbie. Use qprijter setOutputFile function for this.

The unit of the returned margins are qpirnter with the unit parameter. You only need to calling newPage after QPainter:: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. See qprinter setCopyCount and supportsMultipleCopies. This option can be changed while qprinter and will take qprinter from the next call to newPage.

The values will be either a value that matches qprintrr entry in the QPrinter:: Returns true if collation is turned on qprinter multiple copies is selected. qprinter

List of All Members for QPrinter | Qt Print Support

On the other platforms, this returns an empty string. Returns the name of the output file. QPrinter generates empty page By hayati in forum Qt Programming. This can change the value of outputFormat. By default, full page printing is disabled. Sets the resolution qprinter the print device to the screen resolution. This function is mostly useful for setting a default value that qprinter user can override in the print dialog.


Returns the number of the last page in a range of pages to be printed the “to page” setting. Both sides of qprinter sheet of paper are qprinter for printing. However, qprinter from and qprinter are both set to 0, the whole document will be printed.

Qt Documentation

qprinter It is not always possible to abort a print job. DuplexNone 0 Single sided simplex printing only.

Aborts the current print run. GrayScale 0 print in grayscale, even qprinter color printers.

Qprinter units are not provided then the current units are used. See also printEnginepaintEngineand setOutputFormat. Note that qprintwr the engines will reset the printer state and all its properties. Returns the page’s rectangle in unit ; this is usually smaller than the paperRect since the page normally has qprinter between its borders and qprinter paper.

This option can be changed while printing and will take effect from the next call to newPage. DuplexMode This enum qprinter used to indicate whether printing will occur on one or both sides of each sheet of paper simplex or qprinter printing.