30 Mar Instant Health and Happiness by Practicing Psycho Neurobics – We all are aware that as a human being we are capable of performing amazing. 8 Sep Anyone can do the exercises of Psycho Neurobics. To keep your body healthy and mind happy, you should do some neuro muscular and. “With the grace of Supreme Doctor and regular practice of Psycho Neurobics helped my heart to create a natural by-pass and the direction of my life changed.

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Computers and Robots cannot think because they have no spiritual energy.

Times Point Know more. Food, Weight Loss and Health. In Psycho-neurobics UGC recognised course. Dealing with Stress In Modern Life. Please fill this form to request a call-back. Stories you may want neurobocs read. Now when body cells do not get enough energy they are unable to function properly causing various hormonal imbalances which manifests as weight gain.

Apart from interior of India, He has also visited other countries like: Poor Good Can be Better. By virtue of this mechanism of interaction, the soul is able to draw and collect requisite spiritual energy from the Supreme Source of Spiritual Energy for the total physical, mental and emotional growth of being. It is surprising to think that thousands of years ago there were no slimming centres, no diet courses and no machinery but still people had lean healthy and vital bodies.


The word Yoga means “to join or yoke together,” and it brings the body and mind together. Energy exists in a variety of other forms in nature, such as the light energy of the sun, nuclear energy in uranium, electrical energy in lightning storms, neurobiccs energy in fires, and chemical energy in oil.

All these seven energy centres work like electric poles from which there are many nerves like electric wires connecting different system and organs of the body to transfer spiritual and emotional current in the human body.

Cosmic energies are all planetary and physical which neudobics from physical entities like Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets etc. No need to tell that I feel much better. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

June will be worst for three zodiac signs but its not the end of the world. In Psycho-neurobics UGC recognised course “. Opportunities for further courses Ph. Soul is the source of spiritual energy responsible for the biological functions of the human body and Soul uses mind as an instrument in this whole process. Sign In to earn Badges. It energises whole neuro system with healing current of Almighty. All these machines need energy.


Diya – A Spiritual Perspective. The amazing human body takes advantage of these laws every day. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

M. Sc. In Psycho-neurobics (UGC recognised course)

Thoughts neurobis emotions are bioelectrical currents which are being sent by mind into brain and body. What did they do to keep themselves healthy and energetic? Psycho Neurobic exercises are the fitness exercises of mind, body and soul. Yogic exercises like Kapal Bhati etc cannot be practiced by hospitalised patients because of serious sicknesses.

Healing and Cure by Supreme Doctor Part – I

Some of his areas of specializations are:. Concept of Energy The six forms of energy are interchangeable according to the law neurlbics thermodynamics, mechanical, chemical, heat, electrical, light, and nuclear energies can be interchanged.

A truly well presented workshop that is a must attend for all ages. All the university facilities at door step. Our Eternal Journey of Neurobucs. This is one of basic and most important exercises to cure any type of diseases.