I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit), pronounced I-squared-C, is a synchronous, multi- master, multi-slave, packet switched, single-ended, serial computer bus invented in by Philips Semiconductor (now NXP Semiconductors). Alternatively I²C is spelled I2C (pronounced I-two-C) or IIC (pronounced I-I-C). Since October Industry Standard. The “I2C Bus Specification,” published by Philips Semiconductor, provides a communication protocol definition of the signal activity on the I2C. I2C specification defines the interface, signals, addressing, protocols and electrical The I2C bus uses two wires: serial data (SDA) and serial clock (SCL). . A complete I2C Bus Specification and User Manual can be obtained from the NXP.

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Interfaces are listed by their speed in the roughly ascending order, so the interface at philips i2c protocol end of each section should be the fastest. A transaction consisting of a single message is called either a read or a write transaction.

Automatic bus configuration is a related issue.

I²C – Wikipedia

Once a master pulls the clock low it stays low until all masters put the clock into high state. Philipps are connected via resistors to a positive power supply voltage. Although in theory any clock pulse may be stretched, i22c it is the intervals before or after the acknowledgment bit which are used. However, two masters may start transmission at about the same time; in this case, arbitration occurs. The address and the data bytes are sent most significant bit first.

Pnilips alleviates the philips i2c protocol of address collisions between different vendors philips i2c protocol also allows to philips i2c protocol to several identical devices is that manufacturers dedicate pins that can be used to set the slave address to one of a few address options per device.

After the slave address and the data direction is sent, the master can continue with reading or writing.



This can be necessary to keep the capacitance of a bus segment below the allowable value or to allow multiple devices with the same address to be separated by a multiplexer. Serial Data Transfer For each clock pulse one bit of data is transferred. When idle, both lines are high. In some cases it is philips i2c protocol hard philips i2c protocol avoid address collisions since 7 bits for I2C addresses allow only different addresses where only can actually be used.

The arbitration procedure can continue until all the data is transferred. Additionally, master and slave roles may be changed between messages after a STOP is sent. This resulted in few upgrades philips i2c protocol the standard-mode I2C specifications:. Such start byte is followed by philipss acknowledge pulse for interface compatibility reasons.

If the slave exists on the bus then it will respond with an ACK bit active low for acknowledged for that address. Two or three pins is typical, and with many devices, there are three or more wiring options philips i2c protocol address pin.

Some slave devices have few bits of the I2C address dependent on the level of address pins. System Philips i2c protocol Interface Forum.

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The master that is communicating with the slave may not finish the transmission of the current bit, but must wait until the clock line actually goes high. For this reason, when a slave can be accessed by multiple masters, every command recognized by the slave either must be idempotent or must be guaranteed never to be issued by two masters at the same time. If the SDA signal on the bus is low but it should be high, then this master has lost arbitration.

Those bytes determine how subsequent written bytes are treated or how the slave responds on subsequent reads.


Logic analyzers are tools that collect, analyze, decode, and store signals, so people can view the philips i2c protocol waveforms at their leisure. For both conditions SCL has to be high. Philips i2c protocol Wikipedia, the free philips i2c protocol. These speeds are more widely used on embedded systems than on PCs. The communication is ended with the Stop condition which also signals that the I2C bus is free. This is exactly what I2C bus specifications define. The master then waits for SCL to actually go high; this will be delayed by the finite rise time of the SCL signal the RC time constant of the pull-up resistor philips i2c protocol the parasitic capacitance of the bus and may be additionally delayed by a slave’s clock stretching.

After this the data transfer direction is changed and the master device starts reading the data. Seven bits is too few to prevent address collisions between the many thousands of available devices. In order to communicate philips i2c protocol specific device, each slave device must have an address which is unique on the bus.

The only reliable configuration mechanisms available to hosts involve out-of-band mechanisms such as tables provided by system philips i2c protocol, which list the available devices.

If one transmitter sets SDA to 1 not driving a signal and phipips second transmitter sets it to 0 pull to groundthe result is philips i2c protocol the line is low. Archived PDF from the original on Thus the actual transfer rate of user data is lower than those peak bit rates alone would imply.

Multiplexers can be implemented with analog switches, which can tie one segment to another.