Copyrighted material A /> Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Tantra The Cult of the Feminine Andre Van Lysebeth Tht b Qi>* – 81 G- L1K’ MOTILAL. André Van Lysebeth (October 10, – January 28, ) was a Belgian yoga instructor and author whose books about yoga have been translated into many languages. He is also known for a quintessential book on human sexuality he took thirty years of his life to write, ‘Tantra: The Cult of. André van Lysebeth, Tantra, Cult of the Feminine. 4 likes. Book.

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And it constitutes yet another stress factor, We consider unchanging life-styles—like in an Indian village, for example—as backward. It might seem that the above emphatic enumeration has nothlrig to do with our daily lives, with the flestvand-blood women we live with, meet every day: Copyrighted material Death is Life! When I was a child, the house next door we lived tanttra outside the city, almost in.

Such certainty brings total serenity and can be achieved through meditation. According to the ancient Indian saying; “When a father says this is my son, that is faith: Tantrists have perceived this unity for over thirty-five centuries,” points out van Lysebeth in his introduction.

It is a permanent process far the Kabbah as well. But actually, what produces a crowd? If, per chance, my mother had met another man instead of my father, or if among the million spermatozoa in my father’s semen another one had been absorbed by my mother’s ovum, another child might have been bom, of the same sex, on the same day and maybe having the same first name as myself, but the child would not have been “me,” And he might even have been a totally different ‘person: Does this bother us or make us sad?


This liberating experience dispels all inner tension and brings a feeling of security and serenity, f also perceive that sweeping aside my ego does not change the process of which I am a part and which will go on indefinitely: Soon the cattie-raisers found out that by having fifty ewes but no ram, nothing happened, but as soon as they added even one ram, soon they could see results.

What is the Link between all of the above and Tantra, other than in theory? Along this infinite straight line, the present, a mere infinitesimal point, steers a one-way course, always headed in the same direction— there is no turning back! For Tantra —what is here, is elsewhere, what is ml. If you’re looking for a “how-to” manual for the more physical techniques you may have heard about, perhaps try something like the works of Mantak Chia, as this book is much more about philosophies.

Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine

The question of what happens after death was not raised in this chapter for it is the purview of religion. Overall it read very beautifully.

Today resembles yesterday and so will tomorrow. He has the spontaneity, the violence, the fierceness, as well as the enthusiasm and the heroism of primitive Tiqhtei Ll terial The Ov ermind 45 beings.


André Van Lysebeth

But if the universe b endowed with consciousness, right to the very heart of stars, lywebeth this takes on a real dimension. The unconscious actions of crowds taking the stead of the conscious activity of individuals are one of the characteristics of the day.

Gianandrea Facchini rated it really liked it Oct 15, And remarrying is out of the question, even if her husband died young and in combat, for example. Instead of hitting the nail on the head, the hammer lands on my thumb. Outside any religious considerations, why should the worship of life fee incompatible with the thought of our own death? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


So where does the difference lie? It is not a book what’s easy to read therefor I read this book translated into English.

Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine by André Van Lysebeth

However, being natural and composite objects, they possess shape and matter. Women are intuitive ‘because they are in tune with their lysrbeth and attuned to cosmic rhythms.

Farmers of yore knew this very well and their decision to sow or harvest crops depended on the lunar phases. Whatever the case may be, human beings survive in their own children, their grandchildren and beyond them, in their eternal genes, And if one has no children, one survives in the process of humankind. And did I not undergo the same evolution in my mother’s womb as an embryo and a fetus?

You just don’t push around or disrupt so easily such a formidable overmind with impunity. In order to fully comprehend this key thought of Tantra, one must realize that: This book has introduced me to a very interesting topic, but I could not say I enjoyed the form. Throughout the major part of the book I could not avoid the feeling that this person was more into theory than into practical aspects. Archived from the original on He called me back a year later and of course I did not say, “Well looks like you’re still around!

Among our rare and unquestionable certainties, there is the following undeniable fact: Does it always work so well? The Impact of the East Jung also sensed the impact that the East would have on today’s world: