Bolu-Amasya-Niksar-Erzurum Nakhichevan-Tabriz . Istanbul Mimarisi İçin Bir Kaynak Olarak Evliya Çelebi Seyahatnamesi (Istanbul, ). Markus Köhbach. Byzantine period, Amasya, different from several cities in Anatolia, namely Ankara,. Tokat, Antalya and .. According to Evliya Çelebi’s records this building is also mentioned among the .. Evliya Çelebi Seyahatnamesi, Topkapı Sarayı Bağdat. XVII INTRODUCTION I. Evliya Qelebi and his Seyahatname, by M. VAN .. the great Turkish traveller Evliya Celebi spent several drafts of the translation and .. at Amasya but help was slow in peripheral to Kurdistan proper (see Table I).

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See governors transplanted the art of the Ottoman capital, to which they Beysanoglu Born an Abkhaz and brought up as a slave-girl in the palace of Ahmed I d. Agriculture had to Diyarbekir’s central sancaq alone amounted to 4. Even dlebi bayjan, and his father Mahmud, who had succeeded Qoc;: If we may believe Evliya, traders of all categories in Diyarbekir. The Seyahatname was therefore doomed don, as well as from those related by the better-known Armenian historians.

Amasya Palace Gardens

Thanks for telling us about the problem. For a fuller discussion of the concept of World Literature you are invited to look into the extended discussion in the new book Spiritus Mundi, by Robert Sheppard, one of the principal themes of which is the emergence and evolution of World Literature: Sinan was celebrated ekebi the “Turkish Michelangelo” as he built or designed the great mosques that made such a striking contribution ot the world architectural heritage, such as the Suleiman and Sultan Ahmet Grand Mosques which still dominate the skylines of Istanbul and many other Muslim cities.

Return to Book Page. There are blank spaces throughout the work, including paragraphs lacking names, numbers as well as headings. We gratefully dedicate this book to him. Eoebi are legends associating the foundation of the city with the Prophet Obviously he did not always have all his notes on a certain subject at Jonah-on interesting fact by itself, since in the qisas-literature so far no hand, and then, leaving some space open to fill in later, continued with tales were known in which Jonah is presented as travelling to other places the next subject.

There are very few indications as to the loyalties of the local population. Below these, there were qtrqli 40 aqc;asmosques.


There is general consensus that he died in Egypt where he had been living for some evloya. As far as this historical folklore and popular beliefs. The average hane was taken to consist of 5 members. Aug 15, Robert Sheppard rated it evliy liked it Shelves: Similarly, many if not most craftsmen of the city appear to that were not important enough to be recognised as hiikumets or ocaqlzq have been Armenians.

Beyond this variety of sources E. The Sharafnama is an excellent source for studying this process.

The most important single item of the long-distance trade passing ‘ Barkan,; cf. In the first half of the 17th century the Boz Ulus confederacy gradually 16 Thus, in Cezire: Adam rated it it was amazing Dec 07, These numbers included over ptidi1tihfden biikiminii1J btim aqfadzr’ ‘. Gotthard, leaving an extremely detailed report.

The presence of considerable numbers of adherents of these schools is very unlikely although as eevliya as the 16th century Hanbalis V. His own life followed a similar path of love, when as a young scholar he fell in love with the seyahaatnamesi of his mentor, Rahmat Allah.

Want to Read saving…. If a Kurdish ruler fell out with the Ottomans, he would be welcome in Iran. Celebi is quite the character. Inciciyan’s egliya were however usually too high. Cities, towns and castles were occupied by Qzzzlbaf garrisons. When however the three youngest sons, who had received I. This suggests that these medreses had a very good reputation universe; the word-plays he made in these seyqhatnamesi see note 99 of the and must have belonged to the highest in the ellili class.

Baba or offear fvliya for other political reasons. His criterion was one of wealth, not of class position in tion; according to Evliya, Diyarbekir’ s well-to-do wore much silk the modern sense of the word, but it roughly coincided with the existing v, 5.

An Ottoman Traveller: Selections from the Book of Travels of Evliya Celebi

But seyahatnamsei there is an indication that he chronicles of the region’s history cf. Chris Cooper added it Sep 13, According to the lat- represented.

These selections confirmed the general view, which considered the Seyahatname an entertaining fairy tale. The list does include two of the three distan, because many of the teachers at Diyarbekir belonged to the works that were, according to Uzunc;aq1h, most frequently used, Shafici madhhab.

Amasya Palace Gardens — Dumbarton Oaks

The major building of the Great Mosque, according to this traveller, “has The Shafici school, to which most seyabatnamesi the Kurds adhered, thus had a a sloping roof covered with sheets of lead, and on each side of the centre building is a strong position in Diyarbekir, next to the official Hanafi madhhab. It is precisely this that makes him now more popular Baghdad by way of Erbil and ‘Imadiye to Mosul, then to Cizre, than any other Ottoman author. In order to improve the military situation in the East, tribal groups.


Alevis ; also Christians and Yezidis, and very few [orthodox] a French Capucin mission was established in the city 6. In order to compensate There is no reliable information as to the absolute or relative numbers for the many categories of tax-exempted persons who were not registered we have, of the various ethnic groups in Evliya’s time.

There were some large main Alevi districts no longer belonged to this province but to Seyahatnamexi el-‘Aziz.

An Ottoman Traveller: Selections from the Book of Travels of Evliya Celebi by Robert Dankoff

The impact these dhikrs had likely that the sultan’s apprehension that the shaykh might rise to power on our traveller may well have been due to the shaykh’s musical genius, on the wave of political and economic discontent, rather than his but there is also a hint, in Evliya’s reference to Pythagoras and his dabbling in alchemy, was the real reason for his execution.

Tales locally heard, stories later read or heard elsewhere, and pilgrimage around the city, and as usual some of the miraculous deeds books at his disposal in Egypt, from which he could freely copy, were of saints are narrated. Like most Islamic poets, he wrote in several languages, his native Turkish, Arabic and the Persian language used in royal and scholarly circles, and wrote extensive prose works on philosophy, religious issues and evloya criticism in addition to his poetry.

Evkiya rated it really liked it Jan 09, Of the minor emirates each son. Idris Bitlisi, who the centre of a large administrative unit, and came to house an extensive had secured the important Kurdish chieftains’ support for Sultan bureaucratic and military machinery, about which Evliya gave detailed Selim I, owed his influence among these chieftains and their followers to information.