roller chains acc. to DIN Roller chains designed acc. to this standard are mainly used as power transmission elements between two or more shafts. Double roller chains DIN Standard length in bundles of 5 m. Sprockets on request. Tweet. Delicious Bookmark this on Delicious. Double roller chain DIN. DIN PLEASE NOTE: DOCUMENT WITHDRAWN. Title (german) Rollenketten; Amerikanische Bauart. Product imageDIN Items with similar.

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Chains with plastic clips. Our top plate conveyor chains are used to transport din 8188 goods and are characterized by high transport safety and wear resistance.

The different types of roller chains comprise double pitch roller chains according to ISOthe din 8188 chains type series GL with din 8188 plates for conveyance systems, and power chains based on roller chains according to ISO for higher requirements as to breaking load and fatigue resistance. We supply our inverted tooth chains as bush chains and pivot joint chains for conveyance and transport purposes as well as a high-performance type.

Top plate conveyor chains. Sprockets din 8188 double pitch roller 888. Our sprockets for accumulator fin provide the optimal dih between sprocket and chain for efficient and continuous plant operation.

Matching attachments allow for more functionalities.

Roller chain – ASA / DIN 8188 – Simplex – Rexnord

Our roller chains with attachments allow engineers in plant or machine construction a maximum of freedom to design their own constructions. Double pitch roller chains are used in plants with large centre distances and a high degree of soiling. Our chain puller allows for open roller chain ends to be pulled together — fast, easily and in din 8188 spaces. Our plastic guide rails for roller and accumulator chains din 8188 prevent slack span and reduce slide friction. Marathon chains RF stainless.


With our high-quality chain breakers the separation of a chain is fast, easy and comfortable. Our bush chains according to DIN convince with their robust design and are excellent under rough operating conditions.

Our plastic clips for roller chains in conveyance systems protect delicate goods reliably against damages. Functional coatings considerably extend the application limits of roller chains. Din 8188 pusher dog chains always guarantee a plane contact to the conveyed goods and thus allow for an optimal transport of din 8188 goods.

These chains are suitable for many applications din 8188 are mainly used in plant construction. In order to increase wear resistance, we have the possibility to chemically nickel-plate, nitrate or borate the chain pins. We can supply sprockets for 8188 chains according to DIN ISO in a double-toothed or 81888 the standard single-toothed design.

din 8188 Our SPR sprockets with integrated ball bearing for chain deflections and tension systems. Advantages of roller chains wide application range as drive, conveyor and hoisting chains miscellaneous functions by means of attachments on special chains robustness to temperature influences and soiling positive-locking transmission without slip cost effectiveness excellent application range due to different chain sizes, simplex and multiplex chains manifold transmission ratios long shaft din 8188 possible, e.

Our high performance lubricants increase the life cycle of steel link chains ddin for initial din 8188 and relubrication. Roller chains works standard.

Roller chain American standard according to DIN – KTN

Depending on the respective requirements, chain components can be chemically nickel-plated, galvanized or coated with a zinc-flake layer to significantly din 8188 corrosion protection. Effective coating for optimal corrosion protection and wear resistance Functional coatings considerably extend the application limits of roller chains. Our Marathon chains are maintenance-free, reliable and durable. They can be customized din 8188 request.


They are individually customized cin ready for installation.

Double pitch roller chains. Roller 8188 with suitable din 8188 allow for special functionalities and are thus perfect for a wide range of different applications.

Roller chains according to DIN , DIN and ISO

81888 They are used in a number of different application areas. Our chains with plastic clips allow for safe and gentle conveyance of delicate goods by means of din 8188 plastic clips.

Roller chains made of stainless and acid-resistant steel are particularly suitable for drives susceptible to corrosion as well as for extremely high din 8188 low temperatures. Sprockets for roller chains.

Roller chains according to works standard specification complete our range of standard chains with regard sin dimensions or transmissible power. They can be supplied in a number of different sizes. Our accumulator chains AFS ensure din 8188 smooth conveyance of goods and protect machinery din 8188 employees.

Our leaf chains according to ISO are excellent as load chains in cranes, hoisting gear and lifting equipment. Our Biathlon chains are characterized by remarkable wear protection and thus high cost effectiveness due din 8188 a special surface coating. Our Marathon chains made of stainless steel combine the fact that they are maintenance-free with corrosion resistance and maximum reliability.

Our AFS clips for accumulator chains din 8188 the gaps between conveyor rollers and thus protect the conveying system, the transported goods as well as the employees.

Sprockets for accumulator chains.