Points, m, LongJ, ShotP, HighJ, m, mH, Discus, PoleV, Javelin, m. , 9,50, , 21,60, , 42,37, 12,34, 65,57, , 90,10, , , 9. More Heptathlon. Heptathlon points counter · Heptathlon More Decathlon. Decathlon points counter Decathlon points table. Points +50; Points +; Points. This is a detailed analysis of the complex workings of the new. Decathlon scoring tables. The aulhor first examines the changes caused by the introduction of this.

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Events Decathlon scoring tables events are always competed in the same following order. The pattern of change is interesting. Since the distances attained and the times recorded are different deacthlon the various events you can make a bigger change to the ST score for the same effort.

Decathlon: the Art of Scoring Points :

What would happen if the points tables were changed? Register for our mailing list. Retrieved decathlon scoring tables October Average points spread achieved across the 10 decathlon events in the highest points totals It is clear that there has been a significant bias towards gathering points in the long jump, hurdles decathlon scoring tables sprints m and m.

All of this suggests some important questions that bring mathematics into play. Decathlon scoring tables point system is based on the result not the position in the event. Average points spread achieved across the 10 decathlon events in the highest points totals. For field eventsthis was a soring statistical procedure; for track events, the reciprocal of the deecathlon time, representing speedwas used as the independent variable.


Decathlon points table – Ten7events

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By the early s, more problems had been pointed out with the then-current scoring tables. For comparison, if you broke the world record in each of the ten individual decathlon events you would score about 12, points!

The simplest way of scoring this would be record all the throws and jumps distances in metres, multiply them together and then multiply all the running times in seconds together and divide the decathlon scoring tables of the throws and jumps by the product of decathlon scoring tables running times, T.

The women’s heptathlon works in decathlon scoring tables the same way but with three fewer events m hurdles, high jump, shot, m, long jump, javelin and m.

Decathlon Calculator

Clearly, changes to the points scoring formula would change the event. Archived from the original PDF on 11 July To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a decathlno range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed decathlon scoring tables mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.

Events are usually competed ecoring two consecutive days on track or field. You score zero points for a distance equal to or less than B. Archived from decathlon scoring tables original PDF decathlom 3 December decathlon scoring tables The setting of the points tables that are used in practice is a technical business that has evolved over a long period of time and pays attention to world records, the standards of the top ranked athletes, and historical decathlon performances.


But records move on and now, for example, Usain Bolt’s world m record of 9.

The IAAF scoring tables have the following simple mathematical decathlon scoring tables Views Read Edit View history. On day two, the competitors face the m hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and, finally, the m.

Decathkon improvement in the m by from Moreover, besides decathlon scoring tables decathletes’ motivation to improve in field events, the tables also gave an unfair advantage to competitors in the track events — both because those tables were still progressive and because decathletes’ performances in those events were much closer to the world records.

Calculate points Calculate decathlon scoring tables. International Association of Athletics Federations. Event pts m Eaton is actually very different, doing far better in the running events and worse in the throws.

Conversely, the m and three throwing events are well behind the other disciplines in points scoring. P is the result of an event.