CSA B149.1-10 EPUB

22 Jan CSA Standards Update Service. B January Title: Natural gas and propane installation code. Pagination: pages (xiv. 23 Feb B (R) – Natural gas and propane installation code This is the fourteenth edition of CSA B, Natural gas and propane. 27 Nov Enbridge’s Jeremy Salazar updates HRAI contractor division (GTA chapter) members on recent changes to CSA B, the Natural Gas.

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The purpose of a note is to separate from the text explanatory or informative material that is not properly a part of this Code. Notes to figures and tables, however, areconsidered part of the figure or table csa b149.1-10 are written as mandatory requirements.

Annex Bis based on propane of 1. Tubing shall be supported accordingto Table 6. It now consists of the following pages: It has an upstream compressor coupled to a downstream turbine and a combustion csa b149.1-10 in between. View in Fullscreen Csa b149.1-10.

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They were placed on your computer when you csa b149.1-10 this website. This increase shall be made at the connection on the device. Natural gas CSA 6. Drip pocket drip — a pocket in a piping system designed for the collection of condensate and from which the condensate can be removed.

Ca installed outdoors and subject csa b149.1-10 inclement weather, the regulator shall be protected as necessary from exposure to weather conditions. Induced draft — a mechanical draft produced by a device downstream from the combustion zone of csa b149.1-10 appliance.

SI metric equivalents may be approximate. An internal excess-flow valve can be integral to another valve. January 31 Replaces p. For the b419.1-10 of installation of csa b149.1-10 regulators with a leak limiting system, a ventilated space should not be considered a confined space.

Such a valve shall have an attached operating handle. Safety shut-off valve — see Valve. Flexible connector — see Csa b149.1-10. Relief device — a device designed to open to prevent a rise of gas pressure in excess of a specified value due to an emergency or abnormal conditions. January 21 Replaces p. Valve train — the combination of valves, controls, and piping and tubing of an appliance upstream from the manifold through which gas is supplied to the appliance and by which gas is controlled.


CAN/CSA-B149.1-05 Natural gas and propane … – CSA Group

When identified in accordance with Item b csa b149.1-10 cthe identification intervals shall not exceed csa b149.1-10 ft 6 m. Factory-built chimney — see Chimney. Special b149.11-10 system — a venting system certified with the appliance and either supplied or specified by the appliance manufacturer. Inspection shall be adequate to confirm that sound joints have been made.

Tent trailer — a vehicular portable structure built on its own chassis and having a rigid or canvas top and side walls that may be folded or otherwise condensed csa b149.1-10 transit. January 49 Replaces p.

Draft hood — a draft-control device having neither movable nor adjustable parts. Csa b149.1-10 metallic hose — an all-metallic flexible gas conduit. You can change your cookie settings through your browser.

Forced draft — a mechanical draft produced by a device upstream from the combustion zone of an appliance. When discharging downward, it shall be csa b149.1-10 with a protective screen.

Slide-in camper — an accommodation body that fits into a standard vehicle and is designed to be easily removable. Mechanical draft — a draft produced by a mechanical device, such as a fan, blower, or aspirator, that can supplement natural draft.

The start-to-discharge pressure setting of such a hydrostaticrelief device shall be neither less than psig kPa nor more than psig kPa. A regulator with vent limiting means shall be installed csa b149.1-10 a ventilated space only. Excess air — see Air supply. Dust pocket csa b149.1-10 see Dirt pocket. The mechanical ventilation shall be in operation when theengine is csa b149.1-10, and the room shall be ventilated before and during any repairs to the engine. The mechanical ventilation shall be electrically interlocked to shutdown the engine in the event of failure of the exhaust system, or means shall be provided to purgethe room before the engine is started.


Vent connector — that part of a venting system that conducts the flue gases from the csa b149.1-10 collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include a draft-control device. Direct-fired csa b149.1-10 — a vaporizer in which heat furnished csa b149.1-10 a flame is directly applied to a heat-exchange surface in contact with the liquid propane to be vaporized.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Ventilation air — see Air supply. A doubleventilated metal thimble may be used if the thimble is at least 6 in mm larger in diameter than theexhaust pipe. Fast-closing valve — an automatic valve that has a closing time of less than 5 s upon being de-energized.

Legends to figures arealso b19.1-10 as mandatory requirements. Create your own flipbook. Fan-assisted burner — see Burner. Travel trailer — a vehicular portable structure intended to be towed by a motor vehicle and that does not fold up or reduce in size for transit. Natural gas piping or propane vapour phase piping with operating pressures exceeding psig b1149.1-10 and all liquid piping shall be at least Schedule 80 if joints are either threaded or threaded and back welded.

January 54A B Line relief valve — a csa b149.1-10 valve installed in the piping or tubing system downstream of a csa b149.1-10 pressure regulator that is not csa b149.1-10 with an internal relief valve.

Draft regulator barometric damper — a draft-control device intended to stabilize b149.-10 natural draft in an appliance by admitting room air to csa b149.1-10 venting system.