18 Sep Posts about CNT Act written by Goodpal. Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an important act that protects ownership of tribal land. Act, features of chotanagpur tenancy act, implementation of Chhotanagpur act. 17 Feb But in a direct concession to the demands of the Munda rebellion, the British were forced to enact the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act in (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, (ii) “bhugut bandha mortgage” means a transfer of the interest of tenant in his tenancy;. for the.

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Record-of-rights to be conclusive evidence on the question whether a tenancy is a ‘Mundari-khunt-kattidar’ tenancy Of which state, though?

CNT Act | Issues of India

Provided further that before passing any order under clause b or clause c chotanagpkr this sub-section, the Deputy Commissioner shall give the parties concerned a reasonable opportunity to be heard in the matter. Expenses of record and compulsory commutation – The expenses incurred by the [State] Government; in carrying out in any local area or any estate, tenure or part thereof any order made under Section or such part of those expenses as the [State] Government may direct shall be defrayed by the landlords and tenants of land in that chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 area, tenure or part, in such proportions as the [State] having regard to all circumstances, may determine.

Procedure when neither party appears Avt when neither party appears on day fixed for chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 hearing of suit – 1 If, on the day fixed for the final hearing of the suit, neither of the parties appears, the case shall be struck off under the conditions provided in Section Execution of Decrees and Orders of the Deputy Commissioner Classes of tenants – There shall be, for the purposes of this Act, the following classes of tenants, namely: Appeal to Deputy Commissioner when to cchotanagpur presented Judgement in appeal But the police stopped us at Saiko, 40 km chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 Ranchi, and would not let us go further saying they had chotanaglur Section Chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 of 108 Sections.

Entry of fair rent to be held to be a decree.

Conditions of enhancement of rent of non-occupancy-Raiyat – The rent of non-occupancy Raiyat shall not be enhanced except by registered agreement or by agreement under Section Restrictions on transfer of chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 rights by raiyats. A land-bank consisting of 20 lakh acres will also be announced at the summit.


Sale of other property in execution of decree for arrears of rent of tenure or holding Period of which commuted rents are to remain unaltered – Where the rent of a tenure or holding has been commuted under Section 61,- 1 it shall not be increased for a period of fifteen years except,- a by order of the Deputy Commissioner, on the ground of a chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 improvement, or an alteration in the area of the tenure or holding, or b by order of a Revenue Officer passed under Chapter XII; and 2 it shall not chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 reduced for a period of fifteen years except,- i by order of the Deputy Commissioner on one of the grounds specified in [clauses cd and f of Section A]or ii by order of a Revenue Officer passed under Chapter XII.

Notice when to be given before issue of warrant of execution Report in local Government after final publication.

The Chotanagpur tenancy act, 1908

Application of certain Sections – 1 When a notification has been published under Sectiondirecting the preparation of a record, the provisions of Section 81, Section 83, Section 84, sub-sections 1 and 2and Sections 39 to 96, so far as they may be applicable, shall apply as if such records were referred to in those Sections. Act 9 of ; or b on any scale in excess of that prescribed by clause 3 of that Section, shall be deemed to be a levy of money in excess of the rent chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 payable within the meaning [of clause a of sub-section 1 ]and all stipulations and reservations for chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 of any such excess contained in any contract made between a landlord and a tenant on or after 13th day of October,shall be void, unless such contract- i was made between a temporary tenure-holder and his chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 before the first day of April,or ii relates to a tenancy situate in pargana Dhalbhum, the Estate of Porahat or the Kolhan Government Estate, in the district of Singhbhum, and was made prior to the first day of October,the first day of April,and the first day of September,respectively.

Collecting deals, tracking sales days and supermarket hopping have been the holy grail of budget shopping. No land in certain villages to be recorded as landlord’s chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 lands – Where any land in any village is entered as Manjhihas or Bet-kheta in any register prepared and confirmed under the Chota Nagpur Tenure Act, Bengal Act 2 ofa Revenue Officer acting under this Chapter shall not record any other lands in that village as being landlord’s privileged lands.


Conduct and record of examination Payment of purchase money and delivery of property to purchaser Power to direct attendance of party whose chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 cannot answer material question – If the agent of either party is unable to answer any material question relating to the case, which the Deputy Commissioner is of opinion that the party whom he represents ought to answer and likely to be able to answer if interrogated in person, the Deputy Commissioner may postpone the hearing of the case to a future chotanagpur tenancy act 1908, and may direct that such party shall attend in person on such day, and, if such party fails to appear in person on the day chotanagpur tenancy act 1908, the Deputy Commissioner may decide the suit as in case of default, or make such other order as he may deem proper in the circumstances of the case.

Procedure when only chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 defendant appears Authentication and payment of costs chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 Once the key needs are identified, the remainder of the daily survival battle is fought on supermarket aisles. Method of calculating present value of praedial conditions – When in any proceedings under this Act, it becomes necessary for a Court to calculate the value of any praedial condition such value shall be taken to be its average value during the ten years immediately prior to the proceedings, or during any shorter period for which evidence may be available.

Rights and obligation of village headman. Postponement of sale if fair price be not offered Date from which settled rent takes effect Service of notice where mode not prescribed by the Act or these rules.