The Child and Youth Welfare Code Republic Act Introduction Children’s right to protection from Nearest Police Station/Philippine National Police 3. THE CHILD AND YOUTH WELFARE CODE. I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution. 24 Feb Otherwise Known as the Family Code of the Philippines, Nullifying the , Otherwise Known as the Child and Youth Welfare Code.

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Report of Person or Institution. The relatives of such child or children within the sixth degree of consanguinity or affinity are excluded from this definition.

Provided, finally, That in the last case, should the adopted leave no property other than that received from the adopter, and he is survived by illegitimate issue or a spouse, such illegitimate issue collectively or the spouse shall receive one-fourth of such property; if the adopted is survived by illegitimate issue and a spouse, then the former collectively shall receive one-fourth and the latter also one-fourth, the rest in any case reverting to the adopter, observing in the tye of the illegitimate issue the proportion provided for in Article of the Civil Code.

That the agencies and organizations engaged in programs and services for the child and youth welfare code of the philippines need not be limited to minors. Freedom from Liability of Reporting Person or Institution. It shall be the duty of the teacher in charge to report to the parents the absences of the child the moment these exceed five schooldays.

Report of Maltreated or Abused Child. All parents who chld children enrolled in a school are encouraged to be active members of its PTA, and to comply with whatever obligations and phililpines such membership entails. All city and provincial governments must exert efforts for the immediate establishment of local detention homes for youthful offenders.

Such agency or individual shall be entitled to the custody and control of such child during his minority, and shall have authority to care for, educate, train and place him out temporarily or for custody and child and youth welfare code of the philippines in a duly licensed child placement agency.


In all cases where the expenses for the maintenance of the disabled child cannot be paid in accordance with the next preceding paragraph, child and youth welfare code of the philippines same, or such part thereof as may remain unpaid, shall be borne by the Department of Social Welfare. Restoration After Voluntary Chjld. The same shall be done for a child over nine years and under fifteen years of age at the time of the commission ykuth the offense, unless he acted with discernment, in which case he shall be proceeded against in accordance with Article Accounting of Proceeds or Funds.

Youth Associations in Barangays. The petition shall be filed with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, if any, or with the Court of First Instance of the province or City Court in which the parents or guardian resides or the child is found.


Other institutions, like the school, the church, the child and youth welfare code of the philippines, and the community in general, should assist the home and the State in the endeavor to prepare the child for the responsibilities of adulthood. Those who cannot make it are usually handicapped by one or more other conditions aside yputh that of intelligence.

From the time of such transfer, the Department of Social Welfare or the duly licensed child-caring institution or child and youth welfare code of the philippines shall be considered the guardian of the child for all intents and purposes. Such assistance may be in the form of special school programs which may not require continuous attendance in school, or aid in the form of necessary school supplies, school lunch, or whatever constitutes a bar to a child’s attendance in school or access to elementary education.

In case of vhild death or legal incapacity of either parent or abandonment of the child for a period of at least one year, the other parent alone shall have the authority to make the commitment. Thereafter, such sums as may be necessary for its operation and maintenance shall be included in the General Appropriations Decree.

The child is not a mere creature of the State. School Plants and Facilities. They shall be run by married couples, to be licensed only after thorough investigation of their character, background, motivation and competence to act as foster parents. Vocational rehabilitation shall also be provided in accordance with existing law and the particular needs of the children.

News Publications Laws Presidential Issuances. Return of the Youth Offender to Court. Provided, That if the said adopted person is physically or mentally handicapped as to need a guardian over his person or property, or both, the court may appoint a guardian in accordance with the provisions of existing law.

If the child is especially gifted, his parents shall report this fact to the National Center for Gifted Children or to other agencies concerned so that official child and youth welfare code of the philippines or recognition may be extended to him. When a license also serves as a child-placement agency, it shall maintain a staff equipped by training to make thorough studies of every prospective family home.

Creation of the Council for the Welfare of Children.

It shall be the duty of the Council for the Protection of Children or the unit of the Department of Social Welfare to whom such a report is made to forward the same to the provincial or city fiscal. Done in the City of Manila, this 10th day of Chilc, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen philippnes and seventy-four.

If it is found that the cause for the commitment of the child no longer exists and that the petitioner is already able to take proper care and custody of the child, the court, after taking into consideration the best interests and the welfare of the child, shall render judgment restoring parental authority to the petitioner.


Provided, That the provisions of the Dangerous Drugs Act of and amendments thereto shall continue to child and youth welfare code of the philippines in force and shall not be child and youth welfare code of the philippines modified or repealed by any provision of this Code.

Book Three Articles The license of the agency or individual found guilty of such neglect may be suspended or revoked, as the court may deem proper, in the same proceeding.

Rights of the Church. In such case, the court shall state its reasons for reducing said period. Such license shall not be transferable and shall be used only by the person or institution to which it was issued at the place stated child and youth welfare code of the philippines. Such officials should see to it that the school environment is free from hazards to the health and safety of the weldare and that there are adequate safety measures for any emergencies such as accessible cbild, firefighting equipment, and the like.

Medical and Nursing Care. Ot of Child Under Foster Care. If it appears from the petition that one or both parents of the child, or the guardian, resides in province or city, the clerk of court shall immediately issue summons, together with a copy of the petition, child and youth welfare code of the philippines shall be served on such parent or guardian not less than two days before the time fixed for the hearing.

Role of the Home. Consequently, every member of the family should strive coed make the home a wholesome and harmonious place as its atmosphere and welfarw will greatly influence the child’s development. A child nine years of age or under at the time of the offense shall be exempt from criminal liability and shall be committed to the care of his or her father or mother, or nearest relative or family friend in the discretion of the court and subject to its supervision.

For actual attendance at regular meetings, the Chairman and each member of the Council shall receive a per diem of one hundred pesos for every meeting actually attended, but the total amount of per diem that the Chairman and a member may receive in a month shall in no case exceed five child and youth welfare code of the philippines pesos. Rights of the Child. Commitment Must Be in Writing.

If the applicant is a juridical person, it must be registered in accordance with Philippine laws. Children’s Reading and Recreation Centers.