Bombay land revenue code with rules (Bombay Act V of ) with explanatory and critical notes, exhaustive commentary, the Bombay Land Revenue Rules. will be of advantage to touch briefly upon the use of these words in the Bombay. Presidency previous to the passing of the Bombay Land Revenue Code, The Code applies to taluqdari lands subject to modifications specified in Schedule 1 [(1)] This Act may be cited as “The Bombay Land Revenue Code, “.

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Bai Janmri, 40 Bom. Act VI ofSB 1 and Home About Help Search. Broach East Ehandesh Bijapur. RanchJwd Jethabhai, 27 Bom, L.

Tools Cite this Export citation file. See also Andarson’e L. Please enter your name. The Collector fixes irrigation rates under s. Secretary of State, 22 Bom L. Application of proceeds of sale. In any case of dispute as to bombay land revenue code 1879 mode or coe of exercising any such privileges the decision of the Collector or of such other officer shall be conclusive.

The persons to whom an alluvial strip of frontage had been granted were evicted in favour of the riparian hissedars G.

Karkuns or Clerks who write the registers of copying, comparing, search and inspection fees and of bhatta and permanent advances and take charge of moneys bombay land revenue code 1879 for those purposes in Revenue Courts Superior holder may recover commuted assessment from inferior holder. Where, in the case of agricultural land, the tenant entered into an agreement with the landlord that he would pay the amount of the annual rent lane year as long as the landlord would keep the wadi oart with him, and would givo back tho samo when the landlord would demand it, Held, that the contract between the parties took the case out of this section, and that, as tho bombay land revenue code 1879 would not be payable uatil the end of the year, the landlord bomgay put an end to the tenancy and demand the land at the end of any year without giving any previous notice of revdnue particular period, but he could not demand immediate possession in the middle of a year Bzlkrishnt v.


Secretary of State, 20 Bom Ad IV of8. Liability for land revenue Security to be furnished be for e entering on appointment. Bombay land revenue code 1879 of powers to Mamlatdar. Secretary of State, P. Revenue demands of former years how recoverable. The term “occupancy” is subject to modification when applied to any estate in the districts of Ahmedabad, Knira, Broach or Panch Mahals to which the Gujarat Talukdars’ Act,extends Fide Bom.

But this can only be in a tract or village in which the original survey s: Please kand section 7 of Gujarat 8 of for Transitory provision. Collector’s orders under bombay land revenue code 1879 section how to be made known. Survey numbers not to be of less than a certain extent.

From the functions of the Survey Department have been en- trusted to the Settlement Commissioner who is also the Director of Land Re- cords.

The Bombay Land revenue Code, | Acts and Rules | Policies | Revenue Department

This section supplies an instance of resumption on account of appro- priating agricultural land to other purposes without the permission of the Col- lector. Penalty for neglect to afford information G. Permanency of tenure is not inconsistent with the absence of fixity in rent. Bombay land revenue code 1879 Assistants in Survey Offices Dhulia, Jalgaon, Nasik and Bijapur G. Rules as to decisions or orders expressly made final.

The Amending Act VI of by adding this section makes it competent to Government to publish a declaration 179 the occupancy or interest of the occupant shall nob, after the declaration, be transferable without the previous sanction of the Collector. The appointment of all members of the establishments of all other officers mentioned in the foregoing sections of this chapter shall be made in their respective departments by the Collector and the Superintendent of Survey: Repealed Governor in Council empow- ered bokbay suspend operation of section 60 or View all subjects More like this Similar Bombay land revenue code 1879.


Mush- tak Singh, 1 S. Talatis are executive and not ministerial officers for the purpose of 0. Bombwy person who is in possession of watan lands as a tenant of the watandar cannot acquire a right by adverse possession bombay land revenue code 1879 fixity of rent.

Act IV ofs. Power to restrict bombay land revenue code 1879 of transfer. All alluvial lands, newly-formed islands, or abandon- ed river-beds which vest, under any law for Liability of alluvial t k e time being in force in any hoMer of lands to land revenue. Rate of conversion tax per square metre of land. For the purposes of ss. Sec etary of State for India, 37 Bom.

Act VI ofhas restrospective effect and empowers the Collector to transfer a forfeited occupancy freed from all bombay land revenue code 1879, whether such occupancy was validly forfeited under the code prior to tho Amending Act or was forfeited in compliance with the provisions of s.

Sureties not liable to impri- sonment, if penalty be paid. Act of are omitted. Recovery of superior holders’ dues. Dhondi Khindu Bhosale, 30 Bom.

Codf ofe. If no such contract can be proved then the Court must have recourse to the criteria prescribed by law for determin- ing their rights Rajya 0. Concession of Government rights to trees in case of settle- ments completed before the passing of this Act.