2N or 2N might do you but a 2N is identical to a BF You can get the datasheets here: You can get. BF ON Semiconductor / Fairchild Bipolar Transistors – BJT NPN/ 50V datasheet, inventory, & pricing. BF are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for BF

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First, check out our list of national and global suppliers. I think you may just have to test each lot of transistors. Submit a new text post. Parts Equivalent to a BF self. Electrical installation work and parts, home lighting inc. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I found it in an old electronics book.

BF NTE Equivalent NTE TRANSISTOR NPN SILICO – Wholesale Electronics

High voltages are potentially dangerous. Then consult the datasheets for collector and emitter You forgot to post your radio? BF Transistor – conflict in pinout Nf494 Question. Theory General electronics theory eg: We do request that anyone asking about parts tells us their general location so we can help with local supplier, so perhaps subby will come back and tell us about the intended circuit and where they are. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


No, create an account now. My circuit does not workand the transistors are definitely good tested them. I’m no expert at transistor selection, but I don’t see anything in the datasheet that screams out “I’m special! Not for general ‘modding my PC’ etc. Im looking for a equivalent to a BF, I understad i could use a hf494 is that right?

Online Electronic Components Shop

AskElectronics submitted 1 year ago by sebasgut. Thank you for your interest in this question. Commercial buying, selling, consulting jobs: It is a small transmitter. Meta Related to this subreddit.

Note the dedicated subreddits below eg: Ask the mods before posting. Is it a modular system such as: Quote of the day. Second and third links shows the same pinout: The other two datasheets are identical in pinning. I have no way to put it online. Please check all tag descriptions before choosing one.

Let me know if you also think this is OK. Help with circuit design: No generic ‘which is best’ and ‘where to buy’-type questions please.


Parts First, check out our list of national and global suppliers. Off topic questions, and those fully answered in the Wikimay be removed. Datasheets are perfectly fine. Project Idea Scoping out an idea based on electronic components. Mar 12, 3. Alternatively, figure out who specifically manufactured the devices you have, and get their datasheet.

First bf4494 has no datasheet at all, its just a list of some possible substitutes with strange information from strange sources. Do you agree or disagree. It was the RF amplifier in an FM car radio.

If it’s in an RF circuit, then be sure the f T is at least MHz, and that it has a low C re ; if it’s switching current, then make sure the replacement hf494 handle at least 30mA. Your name or email address: Yes, my password is: Identifying an electronic component in an electronic assembly.