ASTM F2170-11 PDF

Section 11 of ASTM F details the requirements of each report, including test hole location, dates and times of measurements, RH reading, temperature. Last previous edition approved in as. F DOI: / F/FA. 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM . ASTM F ASTM F RH (Relative Humidity) DOI: /F The ASTM F standard represents a fundamental change in how moisture is.

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Each hole must have a liner that isolates the sensor from ambient conditions, and sensors must have NIST-traceable calibration.

With all areas of ASTM-compliant RH testing, precision is key and data integrity must also be the focus for each flooring professional. Thanks for the question. If not, call their technical team and ask the questions.

10 Guidelines for ASTM F Compliance

Section 9 of the standard requires that both the slab and the ambient air above it must be at service conditions for a minimum of 48 hours before testing. Now is a good time to buy! Many contractors use vapor barriers directly under the slab to slow moisture permeation.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We recommend placing the serial number decal which also helps track certification of each sensor on the corresponding test hole on the mapped report.

I would verify that the hole r2170-11 are consistent and that environmental conditions are at service conditions. In-situ concrete moisture testing places sensors, or probes, inside the slab itself. In this way, in situ measurement provides a composite picture of overall slab moisture levels, and provides the data necessary to make business decisions regarding flooring installations.

  3420F MCI PDF

Make sure your calibration is up to date. To check the calibration f2170-111 offer calibration check salts. It has been believed that the change in the desiccant weight could be translated into a moisture ratio for the concrete beneath.

Check job c2170-11 conditions. This will NOT be valid for ASTM compliance, but can certainly provide a target timeline for schedule decisions or for choosing alternate adhesive or flooring options that might have higher moisture tolerances.

10 Guidelines for ASTM F2170 Preparation and Testing

Lignomat has designed the RH BluePeg Probe, sleeves, cable and RH concrete moisture meter for a f210-11 and fail-proof measuring procedure. The total area of the slab and the number of test holes must be recorded on your report. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. June 9, at 1: The instruments have proven to perform well in rough mill environments with day-to-day usage.

In-situ probe concrete testing: Thanks for the reply, Patrick. Note that d2170-11 liner requirements have been updated and the hole is to be fully lined to meet the ASTM standard. Surface-based test results will fluctuate, even more, under these changes in environmental conditions. All sensors must be calibrated no less than 30 days prior to use.

ASTM F Explained – ASTM F Information

The In-Situ Method In-situ probes deepen concrete moisture measurement. September 6, at Reusable sensors should be calibrated by the manufacturer at least once per year, or more often if exposed to conditions that may impact their accuracy. Use up or down buttons to correct settings. First, I have to state that F is specified for interior applications f2107-11 are under consistent ambient air controls.


At any time you can change from pin mode to scan mode by depressing up or down button. September 2, at 9: December 27, at 3: Meeting this standard provides the groundwork for limiting moisture-related flooring problems and the many liabilities and mitigation problems that can f21170-11 from excess moisture.

We have people who use the Rapid RH on shallow pours.

January 9, at F217011 use cookies for shopping cart functionality, to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. The next five have to do with the proper installation and use of the RH test method. Be sure to familiarize yourself with ASTM F and choose the best concrete moisture test method for the job.

That being said, there are many people that have used F testing methodology for testing roof decks with this understanding. The standard provides precise guidelines for RH testing methods. No pin alignment of the cable needs to be fitted.

Map your sensor count and location.