Lord Vishavkarma’s Ardas. Gems. Bhai Lallo Ji · M Jassa Singh Ji Ramgarhia · Satguru Ram Singh Ji · Baba Nand Singh Ji. Matrimonial. Looking for Ramgarhia . By Ramgarhia Association of Victoria (RAV) · November 17, · · Taken in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia. Baba Vishwakarma Ji Ardaas (Arti) Koi ardas kare savere sham!! Koi japda har vele Tera naam!! Tu Nanak aa Tu Peer aa!! Tu allah Tu Mahaveer aa!! Koi waheguru koi ram akhe!! Koi Bhola.

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Likewise, he also apprised the Union Minister about the state-of-the-art Museum cum Panorama center coming up at Shri Valmiki Tirath in Amritsar, where Bhagwan Valmiki ji had created the great epic and masterpiece Ramayana.

Oh Khalsa, reflect on their selfless deeds and call on the Divine, saying Waheguru. A single post office on an average serves a population of 7, people. To Thee we offer this prayer as recited by the Tenth Guru. No one knows your limits. BAT attack baha on LoC, 2 killed. Counter Intelligence continues strike against drug peddlers, seizes poppy-husk smuggled from Kashmir.

Baba vishwakarma ji ki ardas lyrics

May the disciples be humble but our wisdom be exalted in the keeping of the Lord. May the disciples unite in love. British woman alleges rape in Chandigarh hotel spa. Meditate, Oh Khalsa Ji! Remember those men and women who were beheaded, who had their limbs cut off joint by joint in their fight for righteousness and justice. New Delhi, July 9, YesPunjab.

Teg Bahadar simriye ghar nau nidh awai Dhaai. BJP will vishwakrama more stronger under Amit Shah’s leadership: Badal that the feasibility of setting up another Institute of Hotel Management in the state, similarly on the pattern of already existing one at Gurdaspur, would also be explored to enable youth to avail tremendous job opportunities in the Hospitality sector.


Aceding to another demand of the Chief Minister, Mr.

Congress ready for debate on Rafale, Centre rejects allegations. Ardas is performed at the culmination of the morning and evening prayer and at the start or end of any religious function or program in the Gurdwara, house or anywhere else and at every occasion of joy or sorrow in a family. Sikhan daa man neevan, matt uchee.

Your servants always humble themselves before you. You are our mother and father, we are your children. Cold wave intensifies in Punjab, Haryana. The year when Narendra Modi’s charisma appeared to wane – in Retrospect. May the realm of justice come.

Jai shri vishwakarma prabhu, jai shri vishwakarma Sakal srishti ke karta, rakshak stuti dharma. Badal also envisaged special allocation of funds for its ongoing tourism and cultural heritage project as state had made remarkable progress in showcasing the glorious cultural heritage not only at national but at international level also.

There is One God and all victory is His. In the spirit of Guru Teg Bahadur, with our heads bowed to Akal Purkh, the infinite essence which pervades everywhere and in every one, we pray that all peoples of the world be granted the freedom to worship the divine creator in their own way. Tulsi is a sacred plant which can be found in almost every Hindu house.

Call on the Divine, saying Waheguru. May the Khalsa always prevail.

Baba vishwakarma ji ki ardas lyrics

Siri Harkrishan dhiaeeaijis dithe sabh dukh jaie. Badal also told the Union Minister that in order to showcase the supreme sacriufices made by the Punjabis in the national freedom struggle, the state government was coming up with Jang-e-Azaadi memorial at Kartapur near Jalandhar.


Son of Brahma, he is the divine draftsman of the whole universe, and the official builder of all the gods’ palaces. We ask Thy blessing on us all.

May Thy Grace extend to our labors of each day so that we may do what is right according to Thy Will. Khalsa Ji bolo Ji Waheguru! Hey Akaal Purkh aapne panth de sadaa sahaaee dataar jeeo, Siri Nankaana sahib te hor gurduaarian gurdhaman de jinhan ton panth noon vichhoria giaa hai, khulhe darshan deedaar te sewaa sambhaal daa daan Khalsa ji noon bakhsho.

May truth and justice triumph.

Remember those who were broken by the wheel, cut up limb by limb, who gave their scalps but not their hair, and those ladies, who for the sacrifice for the Truth, gave their dear children and suffered through hunger and pain at the hands babba the enemy, but never gave up their faith and their determination to live according to Sikh Dharma, with all their hair, to their last breath.

In party headquarters here BJP workers celebrated the appointment of new party viwhwakarma by distribution of sweets.