27 Apr Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement Under the Settlement all the remaining 2, 60, employees and officers who are now covered by CPF. 6 Apr SCALE I, II &III. OLD BASIC, NEW BASIC, DA, HRA, MAJOR, AREA I, AREA II. , , , , , , , ALL INDIA BANK EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION. Salient features of the 9th Bipartite Settlement Pay Scales (Merger at Points) From Clerks .

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Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement: Officers new pay

They believed us their slaves only. It was decided that after finalising the draft settlement, the signing of the same should be completed by 15 th April, Referring to Nidhi-April 18, 2: That is why I settlemenr not bothered about any comments in this blog. Venkatachalam, a fore front union leader of that time also a pension optee in spite of these clauses.

Supreme Court asked Govt. Those advocate here not go to court of law on this issue, please note that they are not legal experts.

PAY COMMISSION: Bank 9th Bipartite : Final position for Officers’ Pay Hike.

Referring to Sanjeev-April 18, ,6: Officers payscales – updation. Put a side pf and pension,Don’t forgot disparity in wage settlement due to inefficiency of leaders. The Settlement bipatite cost the Banks an additional increase in wages by Rs. Final position for Officers’ Trade Unions function on the principle of one for all and all for one.

  TDA2007A PDF

Hence the cutoff date for payment of pension will be Nov not 1. AIBOC’s clarification regarding 9th bipartite sett Baki jo ho sake vo karlo.

It is not failure of unions and associations because Leaders leads union than its failure of leadership. Halting allowance, Split Duty allowance.

Thereafter we came out of the illusions and understood foolishness we committed and double standards of these leaders by which time it was too late to think that we should have taken our own settlejent instead of listening to leaders.

The PF optees will then bear all cost out of arrear ashwani said However, let us hope for some developments.

Wage Revision: 9th Bipartite Settlement

officfrs If anyone has the details of any court case filed against pension cost sharing by existing pension optees pls share now. But when Banks have written lakhs and lakhs of Rupees as bad loans demanding is our right.


Crucial meeting with IBA todat[ Lastly, I am of the firm opinion that for serving my bank for 35 to 40 years I have the liberty of demanding anything from my bank and it is my upto my bank to consider or reject my demand.

Some of the readers told in this blog that existing PF opty has secryfied in earlier wage sattement. The matter could very well be taken up to the Court and there is a fair chance for the Pension optees to win the case. Only waste of time and money. Think for our leaders.

A court case definitely create chaos among PF optees. For November, to April, Date of effect — Therefore there was no ‘sacrifice’ from the PF optees as they claim. It means this BPS is only for pension option for our leaders. From May, – For Clerks.